Double Long Spring Trap Sales.

Here I have a few Double Long Spring traps for sale. All traps are used and have been re-conditioned. Where springs were weak they were replaced with new ones. I do not know which traps might have new springs. The springs on my traps are all very strong. Most of my Double Long springs have been modified with thicker jaws to cut down on any jaw flexing that can cause a jaw to pop out of the trap frame. They are heavy traps originally modified by TheLongSpringMan to hold mountain Lion that killed his sheep. This means heavy chain with welded swivels and lap links on many traps. Most traps are Victor DBL Long springs, no longer made.

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Two Victor #4 Double Long springs stock offset jaws, Large PIT® pans for sale.  Two traps $36.00

Two #4 one Victor one Black & Lamb, stock offset jaw Double long springs with large PIT® pans and base plates for sale.  $38.00

Two Vintage #4 Victor regulare long spring traps

Two Vintage #4 regular jaw DBL LS. bottom has cast jaws and top steel. $28.00

Two used Victor #4 double long spring. One solid regular jaw and one with new  sleepy creek offset jaw. The offset has a welded baseplate  with center D ring. The bottom has a clamp on center swivel yoke. Traps are in good condition. $30.00


Two Vintage #4 Victor regulare long spring traps